About Sally T


I am Sally Tarlton, dietitian nutritionist, entrepreneur, mother, grand mother, widow and most importantly lover of life!

I like people, and I get a huge kick out of seeing people change for the better. There is nothing like having a patient come back for their second consultation, and hear them say, “Sally! I am feeling SO MUCH better!”

That does all sorts of good things for me; I get a great sense of satisfaction and more than anything I feel I have value in my patient’s eyes. They have realised that I am on their side, they can trust me and that I really am committed to standing by them in their desire to turn their health around. As a result I want to go the extra mile to ensure that they continue to experience improved health on every level; physical, mental and spiritual. It does them good but it also does my health good. Simply by being a conduit of positive change, I too reap physiological benefits.

It is my way of making a difference in this hard, stress filled world. I see what people face on a day to day basis, and I marvel at how they have managed to cope and how their bodies continue to bear the burden of all the coping mechanisms they have had to adopt. The body is truly a magnificent machine and much more. But the body has its limits, and I often get to see people when their’s is telling them that certain boundaries have been overstepped and the wheels are starting to fall off or have fallen off. Remediation is required and my heart goes out to them. I know something of what it feels like to be in that position. In 2003, I lost my soul mate to a brain tumour. But I lost much more than the most important person in my life. I lost parts of me and my health was one of those parts.

I had been practising as a dietitian and nutritionist for 35 Years. I thought I knew what it meant to struggle, until I walked alongside my husband in his suffering. I poured all my resources and my knowledge into his healing, not holding back in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine. When he died, I was a shadow of myself. To go to the shops to buy a loaf of bread was too much to face. Mental and physical exhaustion had totalled me. It took months for me to regain some energy as I was in complete adrenal exhaustion. It has taken me years to recover. To this day, I need to carefully monitor my stress levels and ensure that I boost myself nutritionally in order to keep myself from sinking into paralysing anxiety and depression. But this experience has served me well. When I listen to my patients, I listen with the ear of my heart and the eye of my mind.

Something else is slowly happening to me. I say slowly because I find it difficult to embrace my emotions and feelings. Slowly, I am beginning to see that it is acceptable and normal to feel the feelings I have in certain situations. My sensitivity is not to be squashed but rather to be understood and cherished because it is a very big part of who I am. It is rooted in my joys and my sufferings and has great value in making me the unique person that I am. I like that about me now. It is what helps me connect with people. Something I want to do more and more.

My greatest wish is that we should be empowered to fall in love with life and ourselves all over again. This is possible when our bodies and minds are functioning optimally and we can live the dreams that we have been keeping all to ourselves. Optimum biochemical nutrition together with some lifestyle changes permits us to accept and embrace who we are as mental, physical and spiritual beings. I strongly believe that we can experience good quality of life even in the midst of the most trying and difficult of situations. Would you like to join me and discover how to do this? Yes, well then …. let’s start now!