Was a girl of 7 carrying 33kg of excess weight. She had sugar cravings, poor energy level and constantly complained of a sore stomach. Once on a personalised vitamin and mineral plan and complimentary diet, she grew 3cm in 8 weeks and her weight came down to normal for a child of her age and height.

Erin’s general energy levels improved within the first week and in that time she lost 1.5cm round her waist. She also no longer had cravings for sweet things. There was no further mention of a sore stomach either.

ErinHappy Customer

Was a 55 years old woman suffering from very severe depression. She was taking benzodiazepine derivative anti-depressant and Dormicol to help her sleep. She had poor to no energy, very bad sleeping patterns, erratic eating patterns, nausea, a tight chest after eating, heartburn, hiatus hernia, halitosis, general menopause symptoms and extreme forgetfulness. She also had high blood pressure.

First contact with her was in the middle of an anxiety attack. After an hour of having nutritional therapy she felt a lifting of the depression and a sense of relief. After 6 weeks her blood pressure normalized, she came off the sleeping tablets and the anti-depressant.

Anna WhiteHappy Customer

“A big thank you to Sally Tarlton…

I went to see Sally about 5 months ago, feeling extremely tired and unable to cope. I was about 15kgs overweight and everything felt ‘too much’. Sally is extremely knowledgeable and did thorough testing on me and my lifestyle.

The testing included a questionnaire as well as blood tests and the results were a little bit of a life shock! My body was completely exhausted; my cholesterol levels very high and bloods showed I was bordering on diabetes.

Heatherregular customer

“Sally’s confidence, understanding and techniques of testing for deficiencies and providing supplementation solution for stress management has been quite transformative for me – it has enhanced my ability to cope with stress and helped me regain vital energy.


Stefan FreemanHappy Customer

At 77 years of age she was 10-15 kg overweight since stopping smoking. She constantly craved sweet things and suffered from insomnia and menopausal symptoms. She had been put on anti-depressants by her GP.

After a few months she lost 15 kg, had no sugar cravings and experienced an overall improvement in well- being.

Leonardo GreyHappy Customer

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