I have been going to Sally for 10 months now and I always tell people who say “Wow you are looking great!” that I got my life back by going to see her.

She diagnosed that I was suffering from burnout, maximum stress and fatigue. Within 2 weeks of being on her vitamin and mineral replacements and a correct eating plan, I was already feeling a whole lot better! Within 6 months I had lost 13 kgs which I have kept off, which is a first for me. I exercise fairly regularly and love feeling awake when I wake up in the morning ready for a new day!

Thank you Sally.

CynieHappy Customer

31 years old; Weight: 104,5kg; Waist circumference: 117.5cm:

Besides being overweight and insulin resistant she was concerned about poor energy levels and daily cravings for sweet things, severe PMS and heart palpitation. She battled to get up in the morning and also suffered from constipation.

After a week she lost 1,5cm around her waist and 1.3kg. In three months she lost 14.6kg and 13.5cm around waist. She experienced regular bowel movement and all the other issues cleared up.


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