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Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Are you drinking enough water through the day? It is so essential for cellular health which of course, impacts on the health of all your organs and ultimately your sense of wellbeing.  Take a quick look at this video to check and see if you are experiencing any of the tell tail signs of dehydration. If you are, please remediate and hydrate!

Don’t want to get old?

Don’t want to get old? Or rather, accept that you are getting older but refuse to succumb to stereotypes related to aging? Here are some amazing octogenarians who live life to the full regardless of any age related restrictions. It’s a treat!

You may think that sleep is a necessary evil

You may think that sleep is a necessary evil, something that robs you of precious productivity. But the truth is that to be effective, healthy and creatively productive, sleeping well and enough is essential. This first video offers you a quick summary but the second is of a scientist, Russel Foster, who specialises in this field. He speaks on the wonders of the brain and what goes on in it while you sleep.

Diabetes: How we can stop the epidemic

If untreated, diabetes can be a killer and a silent one at that. If it does not kill, it can maim leaving you blind or with gangrene in your toes, which may eventually require amputation.   As you read this article notice how the signs of developing diabetes are not restricted to people who are overweight. You can be thin and be diabetic. What matters is the type of fuel you feed your body on. Complex carbohydrates are key as are the correct carbohydrate and protein portion sizes. Do not cut out proteins and fats, just chose them wisely. http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/diabetes-how-we-can-stop-the-epidemic-2032474

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