Sally T. Tailors

Zestful living should be everybody’s life experience. This requires that each cell in the body be functioning optimally or as it should, on the inside of itself (intracellularly) and with the cells adjoining it (extracellular). Helping cells back into equilibrium, and therefore health, through the use of diet , vitamins and minerals is the Sally T. objective.

With this foundational thought and basic principle in place, the established protocol facilitates in giving you personalized wellness therapy. Sally T. Tailoring starts like this:

  • 1.

    You identify that there is a problem and are ready to get some help to sort it out. You are experiencing symptoms. They can range from not sleeping to weight gain or loss to diabetes to panic attacks. If you are truly convinced that you have a problem, then you will be committed to resolving the problem.

  • 2.

    You decide that the Sally T. way of looking at health is what you need.

  • 3.

    You make an appointment. You will be emailed the ‘How Well Are You?’ questionnaire to be completed and returned. This questionnaire gives a good indication of which aspects of your health are taking strain and are in need of assistance. At the top of the screen, the ‘Make a Booking’ tag is available for contact purposes.

  • 4.

    Your responses on the ‘How Well Are You?‘ questionnaire are discussed and various diagnostic tools, see below, may be used to better tailor your healing protocol. The whole person is considered so not just your physical health will be considered.

  • 5.

    Your first appointment concluded and you now have:

    • a personalized diet plan
    • a personalized vitamin and mineral chart with each product’s doses tailored to your needs
    • a form for blood tests, the results of which will be discussed at the next appointment.
  • 6.

    Your second appointment is booked a week to ten days after this first one. It is a time for you to give feedback and for more tailoring to be done with the aid of the blood test results.

  • 7.

    Your subsequent appointments are planned. The frequency with which you come will be determined on how your body responds to treatment. Generally a minimum of five appointments are required to get one on track.

  • 8.

    Your blood tests may indicate that the assistance of a medical doctor or specialist needs to be consulted. This will be communicated to you immediately.

  • 9.

    Your body is expected to respond quickly to the tailoring process. Within ten days of treatment, your energy levels and health issues should be showing signs of improvement.

  • 10.

    Below is more information regarding the tools used in the Sally T. Tailoring process.

Amino Acid Questionnaire:

This questionnaire is often used in conjunction with the ‘How Well Are You’ questionnaire when there are signs of moodiness and or depression. It was devised by Eric R Braverman and this is what he says “This assessment consists of two parts that contain a series of True and False questions.

First part of the test determines your dominate nature. (Your basic or inherent character or qualities). The second part will determine if you are experiencing any biochemical deficiencies. Both tests should be completed in one sitting… most important thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers. You are born with your nature: there is no better or worse nature to have… Don’t over think the questions and don’t answer as you might in a perfect world… answer truthfully”.

(Take from The Edge Effect by Eric Braverman. Collins & Brown 2004).

DNA Analysis:

A swab from the inside of your cheek is taken and sent to the Analysis Biotechnology laboratory in the USA where your DNA is analysed. A report is given indicating your body’s genetic predisposition to finding difficulty in detoxing certain substances that can eventually lead to metabolic illnesses. If requested, a diet is then recommended to facilitate the unblocking of metabolic pathways that are impeding health.

Blood Tests:

These are often requested to be done especially to establish insulin levels. The laboratories generally used are Ampath and Lancet. They are available all through South Africa and results are sent directly to our rooms. When coming for the first consultation, if you had blood tests done recently, bring them with because they could be of value. If you do not have them, let us have your ID number and we can track them down for you.

Quad Scan 4000 Test:

It is non-invasive and a quick test where electrodes are strapped to your wrists and ankles that are connected to the machine. You lie quietly for a few minutes until the test is completed.

The Quadscan 4000 accurately measures your body composition/BMI ie how much fat, muscle and water your body is carrying. Healthy weight loss happens when unwanted fat is lost rather than valuable muscle. The key to a healthy body status is not “normal” weight but correct body composition.

Lean muscle mass is your body’s main burner of energy so the aim of a successful nutritional plan is to maintain or increase muscle mass. With the Quadscan 4000’s measurements and by analysing your lifestyle choices, Sally is able to work on achieving optimum body composition = efficient energy usage = cellular equilibrium.

Before undergoing a Quadscan 4000 test, patients are required not to:

The Sally T. Range of Food and Supplements:

This range of products is scientifically designed to work synergistically with the body’s metabolic processes. When, for whatever reasons, our cells have been under stress, often their dysfunction presents as a deficiency or an excess of certain elements.

There are times that damage is so bad that the assimilation of a particular nutrient or the manufacturing of one within the cell is impossible. It is then that the necessary element is introduced through the Sally T. range. The principle of giving the cells what is best to revive them and help them function at optimum levels is put into action. Health and zestful living is then possible.

Skype and On Line Consultations, for when life gets in the way:

Because we are very aware of the difficulty for patients to slot in travel time for a consultation, and the fact that some patients live abroad, we accommodate these dynamics by offering Skype or On Line consultations.

Certain aspects of the protocol may not be accessible to these patients but the best is done to get a well rounded insight and effective intervention.

For all South African patients on a medical aid, consultation fees are reimbursed to them.

Knowledge of the physiology of the body and its nutritional needs are combined for obtaining zestful life. Food choices, lifestyle and vitamins and minerals are looked at in order to achieve this.

Yes, it does. You get a personalized diet plan which takes all your unique needs into consideration.

When the cells of the body are in disequilibrium, it takes a long time to correct the situation by simply using the nutritional elements found in healthy food choices. The quantities of certain nutritional substances may need to be greatly increased for a period of time in order for quick healing to occur. Also, because you are all individuals, you may need to regularly take more of certain supplements because your metabolism has a greater need for them in order to remain in cellular equilibrium.

The Sally T. brand is mostly used in the Tailoring. It has been manufactured to Sally Tarlton’s specifications. The combinations of active ingredients are unique to the brand and their concentrations are calculated to achieve maximum efficacy. They are Proudly South African though not recommended for vegetarians and are not halal nor kosher.

Because you are treated as a whole person, the symptoms are not the only thing taken into consideration. The causes of the symptoms need to be uncovered and addressed in order for sustainable relief to be had. It could mean that various metabolic processes will need to be considered and treated at the same time. Therapy continues until general well- being is established. It is difficult to say how long this process will take because it depends very much on the severity of the problem, the length of time that it has been present and how much collateral damage it has done over time. Again your physiological uniqueness also determines the speed at which your body heals.

There is a basic principle that the Sally T. Tailoring Programme adheres to and that is the understanding that the human condition is not just affected by the physical breakdown of the bodies. All psychological, emotional and spiritual stressed powerfully affect our physical well-being. These elements are all connected. That is why for true, sustainable healing, often a lifestyle change is recommended.

Specific blood tests are request for specific issues to better ascertain how the body is coping with a particular problem. They also assists in being more precise in the Tailoring of nutritional supplements. In some cases, the blood tests have indicated that something more serious was happening and an emergency referral to a specialist was necessary.

Yes, all consultations may be submitted to medical aids for reimbursement.

Yes, they are. When an order is placed, a quotation is issues which includes the courier costs for delivery to your door. Alternatively the you may use your own courier service. Postal services are not used.

At your first consultation you will be given a personalized diet plan together with a personalized vitamin and mineral supplementation schedule. All the required supplements will be prepared for you by the staff in attendance. Payment for the supplements is added to the consultation fee.

At your first consultation you will be given a personalized diet plan together with a personalized vitamin and mineral supplementation schedule. All the required supplements will be prepared for you by the staff in attendance. Payment for the supplements is added to the consultation fee.